• Zippy MacPhee
  • Air Mapster 8

Ride Stats

Elevation gain:  3909 ft
Distance:  25.24 mi
Average grade:  6.3%

Past Rides

BIKE GOD Theatre

The theatre is closed this week in observance of new records.

f01.jpg After taking a week off out of spite, the BIKE GODS are back on their wheels for another ride. Few words are exhanged as they make their way up to the giant golf ball in the sky. Air Mapster is still bitter about the medal fiasco from last time; but more than that, he's deeply hurt that Zippy MacPhee refused to attend his big birthday bash. Meanwhile, Z-Mac sticks to his guns, arguing that Mapster was a poor sport at the race medal ceremony and therefore deserved to be alone last weekend.
f04.jpg f03.jpg f02.jpg As they approach the giant golf ball, Air Mapster softens a bit when he notices that Zippy is wearing this anti-Lakers shirt. Anyone who hates the Lakers can't be all bad. Mapster also takes one of his customary self-portraits to prove he came up here.
f06.jpg f05.jpg The BIKE GODS stop on the way down to find hidden treasure. This time the treasure is found in this old war-time box of "decon" packets. The mood is further lightened by the discovery of this tiny basketball, so appropriate during these trying times in the fight against Lakers.
f10.jpg f07.jpg f08.jpg Just a little bit farther up the hill, the BIKE GODS notice this abandoned shack. They decide they'd better check it out - you never know when an evil presence like the Clare Writch of Claremont might be haunting an area like this.
f09.jpg f11.jpg Luckily everything looks dead and truly abandoned here. Just to be sure, Zippy climbs this observation tower to survey the surrounding hills. Looking good!
f12.jpg As a final gesture of goodwill to put any more silly bickering behind them, Air Mapster decides to significantly extend the ride. Rather than heading back down after an impressive ride up to the golf ball, he takes another trail into uncharted territory. His 6th mapping sense tells him that this will lead the BIKE GODS to another familiar, yet still far away system of trails — Chino Hills. Doing both Skyline and Chino Hills in one ride is absolutely unthinkable, but Mapster believes they can pull it off.

Just as anticipated, Z-Mac eagerly follows because no BIKE GOD can resist the allure of a bold new challenge. It's what they live for, and what makes them happiest of all.

f13.jpg f14.jpg Pushing the pedals feverishly up these hills, Air Mapster soon finds himself approaching this farm of radio towers. This must be the highest point for miles around, because these towers have been strategically placed to maximize coverage of the lands below.
f16.jpg f15.jpg Zippy MacPhee quickly follows, attracted by not only the Herculean climb, but also by the radio waves themselves. The BIKE GODS take a few moments to recharge their biking strength here, before heading off down the mountain.
f17.jpg Finally enjoying doing what he does best, Zippy MacPhee zips down the mountain at lightning speed. The BIKE GODS are now heading down to the valley floor below, attempting to cross over from the Skyline region to Chino Hills. It's never been done before!
f18.jpg Here, they prepare to cross under the freeway as cars go zooming by above, unaware of the history that's about to be made.
f19.jpg About to enter Chino Hills state park from the south, the BIKE GODS make their way through a few minor barriers — nothing that their astonishing lockpicking skills can't handle.
f20.jpg Having ridden over 20 miles and through two entirely distinct regions, it's now time for a quick break in Chino Hills. The BIKE GODS are loving every minute of this brutal test of endurance. They've long since forgotten the petty squabbles of their last outing and the uncomfortable silence that started the day.
f21.jpg f22.jpg f23.jpg f24.jpg f25.jpg f26.jpg f27.jpg f28.jpg In this series of frames captured by the high-speed camera, Air Mapster races to the top of the final hill in record-shattering time. He's running on pure joy and happiness now, boosted by the absolute grandeur of today's ride.
[animation] Here, you can get just a small sense of how fast he was riding. Note that this footage is presented at a speed that is many times slower than realtime.
f29.jpg f30.jpg f31.jpg Zippy MacPhee follows up the hill so fast that the motor vehicle seems to go backwards and disappear from the frame! What a way to finish off an incredible ride, setting new BIKE GOD records for both distance and elevation gain. Truly a virtuoso performance!