Chino Hills


  • Air Mapster
  • TsaiBorg
  • Zippy MacPhee
  • Byondo
  • Booty Boy 60
BIKE GOD Theatre
This week's episode contains the most intense and awe-inspiring footage we've ever filmed. As such, our special effects team is hard at work around the clock to give it the polish and presentation that it deserves. Check this space often, you won't want to miss this experience of a lifetime!
New! An anonymous source has revealed that authentic looking clips have been leaked from within the tight security of the BIKE GOD special effects compound. They appear to be early, rough cut scenes, and may be found here.
QuickTime 4 Required

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Sensing a disturbance in the DUNG, all 5 BIKE GODS are summoned to battle the evil Tarantula Empire at Chino Hills. The ten wheels laying about mark this historic occasion when The Five have first been brought together on the same ride.
Zippy MacPhee gives us a very serious look as he prepares himself mentally for the battle ahead.zippy.jpg
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The Booty Boy is anxious to see his first real combat, as Byondo watches guard over the rear.
Byondo is so intent on focusing on the coming battle, he once again gets a little too close to cameraman Air Mapster.2close.jpg
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The BIKE GODS continue their race uphill, so they can better survey the land and get a good reading on the enemy. The long shadows indicate that enemy troops will soon disperse throughout the park, as dusk is their favorite time to attack.
Booty Boy fakes an equipment problem to see if that catches any arachnid soldiers off guard. Apparently they don't know the BIKE GODS are here, which is a good sign.bbrake.jpg
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Byondo meditates and prepares himself mentally to face the enemy. He must concentrate to hide his unusual strength in the DUNG: the enemy leader, Darth Spider, will surely sense his presence soon.
The BIKE GODS forge ahead, deeper into enemy territory. There have still been no sightings, giving them the unsettling feeling that a surprise attack is in the works.single.jpg
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This swampland area is where many young BIKE GODS are trained by the Master Roda (Bike). The funny little man, however, has already fled the park as the Empire has all but taken over.
The park is completely deserted, as all humans have been driven out by the evil Tarantula Empire. There is an eerie feeling in the air as the BIKE GODS continue on, ever watchful for the 8-legged
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At last, the enemy is spotted. The BIKE GODS were not caught off guard by their surprise attack, and enter the battle eagerly. Here, Zippy MacPhee uses his lightning-quick reflexes to defeat the Imperial battle tank.
The bikes are bruised and beaten, but they will heal. It was a battle well-fought, with victory for the BIKE GODS. It is now after dark as the shuttle arrives home, carrying all 5 weary bikes and BIKE GODS back to their hidden base.pack.jpg
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