Getting started with BIKE GODS

Are you ready to play with the Big Boys?


  1. What is a BIKE GOD?

    It's hard to say, really. BIKE GODS are a rare breed, dedicated to all things mountain biking (no road biking wusses here!). The more difficult and deadly the terrain, the better. Part human and part (something else?), a BIKE GOD can become one with the bike and the trail, surpassing all humans (even Tinky Jaurez) in strength, speed, and skill.

  2. Who are the BIKE GODS?

    Air Mapster
    • Name: Air Mapster
    • Bikes: Bear, Lincoln
    • Location: Los Angeles County
    • Creation: 05/30/1975
    • Abilities: mapping, navigation, jumping
    • Name: The Bootyboy
    • Bike: Kalipur
    • Location: City of Los Angeles
    • Creation: 09/20/1973
    • Abilities: kurtissing
    • Name: Byondo
    • Bike: Chainey
    • Location: Orange County
    • Creation: 03/17/1974
    • Abilities: world creation
    • Name: TsaiBorg
    • Bike: Iron Henry
    • Location: Ventura County
    • Creation: 11/09/1974
    • Abilities: strength, stamina
    Zippy MacPhee
    • Name: Zippy MacPhee
    • Bikes: Sprocket Rocket, MadCow
    • Location: San Bernadino County
    • Creation: 02/25/1974
    • Abilities: extreme downhill speed

  3. How do I join BIKE GODS?

    You can join us, but you can't be one of us - you must be born a BIKE GOD. All riders are welcome to join our outings - simply look for an official event posted to the main page, then post a confirmation or denial of your planned attendance of that event in the confirmation forum. Even if you never attend any event, such confirmation will subject you to all BIKE GOD Punctuality Commandments, as well as any rules we decide to make up later and apply retroactively.

  4. But the Commandments are so harsh!

    Tough! We repeat, are you sure you're ready to play with the Big Boys?

  5. Ok, I want to go on a ride, I've confirmed, now how do I get there?

    Directions to all trails will be posted, strangely enough, on the trails page.

  6. I have a suggestion for the next ride...

    Feel free to post suggestions and other commentary regarding future BIKE GOD endeavors in the future events forum. But if you're not an original BIKE GOD, we'll probably ignore you.

  7. Are you guys really good enough to call yourselves BIKE GODS?

    BIKE GOD power!

  8. I just wanted to say you guys are the best bikers ever, you've changed my life...

    Despite your undoubtedly inferior biking skills, we're flattered. Really. Such commentary, as well as anything else you want to say about us, this website, our pictures, BIKE GOD Theatre, etc, is welcome and encouraged in the BIKE GODS forum.

  9. What's BIKE GOD Theatre?

    It's not mentioned explicitly on the main page, but a new episode of BIKE GOD Theatre generally comes out after each ride we do (although sometimes the post-production team takes its sweet time). Check out the movies page to see previous episodes. Prepare to be blown away by the awesome footage - this is not for the faint of heart. Note that, as indicated by each episode, you'll need QuickTime 4 to view them.

    We have no doubt that you'll want to view these precious jewels of cinematography over and over, so here's a helpful hint: right-click on the movie links and select the option to save them directly to disk files, rather than reloading from our server every time and watching them in your browser. Then you'll be able to enjoy our classic masterpieces for years to come.

    Some people have problems using Apple's QuickTime web-installer. If you do, try their secret hidden standalone installer, found here. It's one big file, but may work better for you.