Chino Hills


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  • Zippy MacPhee
  • Byondo 24
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After the great battle at Chino which destroyed the Tarantula Empire's Death Web and nearly killed their leader (Darth Spider), the BIKE GODS return to the park cloaked in secrecy in the icy cold of winter to establish a new base camp. This time they choose an alternate, less trodden entrance and begin their scouting mission.
Byondo uses his extraordinary strength in the DUNG along with some limbo tricks he recently picked up to safely negotiate the first challenge of the day.barbi.jpg
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This path seems a little too easy . . .
Zippy MacPhee finds himself caught in a snare trap set by the enemy, but clearly it has long since been abandoned. It takes little effort for a BIKE GOD to rid himself of this nasty web of twigs and branches.thick.jpg
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Remnants of the Empire's stronghold still lurk everywhere in the park. Here, we can see that the HorseDog, a once great steed of the region, was outlawed and methodically hunted down and exterminated by the Imperial army. They didn't smell too good, but they were loyal servants, and you could always cut one open and survive a bitter cold night using its body heat.
The Empire was driven out of the park over 100 days ago. While the trees are still barren and dead, already the resilient grass begins to grow, beginning the rebirth of a region that has been restored to
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Byondo and Zippy near the top of old Gilman Peak, the perfect vantage point from which to survey the wounded but recovering land.
It appears that the mission is a success. While Byondo still senses that Darth Spider lives on, somewhere, the Empire has disbanded and fled the area.oops.jpg
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