• Air Mapster
  • Byondo 26

Ride Stats

Elevation gain:  1798 ft
Distance:  17.99 mi
Average grade:  4.0%

Past Rides

BIKE GOD Theatre

The Theatre is dark this week.

Byondo encounters the first challenge of the day: a rickety old bridge that is blocked off for the safety of regular hikers and bikers. That "Caution Ahead" sign at the trailhead probably would have been more informative by saying "Bridge Out" instead.
02_AlgaeCrossing.jpg 03_Across.jpg
While he could easily jump over the bridge, Byondo decides to get down and dirty, carrying his bike across the algae and muck.
Air Mapster follows close behind, careful to avoid the green soup.
Byondo effortlessly powers his way up the massive hill known as the Elevator. You may also recognize this hill as the insane downhill portion featured in the BIKE GODS' first ever movie, the Hill of Death.
Air Mapster attempts to take a self-portrait while riding, but instead gets a mirrored self-portrait of his self-portrait taking abilities.
Zooming out and switching to the other side gets a better (or perhaps worse) view of his ugly mug. Hey, this time it's Byondo in the reflection!
And in no time flat, Byondo crests the final hill of the day. Not too shabby after 18 miles of hard riding!