Chino Hills


  • Air Mapster
  • TsaiBorg
  • Byondo
  • Zippy MacPhee
  • Booty Boy 63
BIKE GOD Theatre
Nothing but lazy videographers...
QuickTime 4 Required

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It's the Borg's first ride of the new year and his first ride since getting hitched. He looks eager to get started!
Right on cue, Byondo's troublesome bike Chainey begins having problems before the ride is barely underway. Zippy lends a helping hand as Baldy looks on in utter amazement at having just seen some BIKE GODS.baldy.jpg
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TsaiBorg and Zippy continue to provide assistance as Air Mapster hangs back behind the camera, utterly useless.
Finally, a solution is found! Grabbing a sacrificial mortal biker, Byondo and Z-Mac put their heads together in a sort of mind meld to channel the mortal's energy into Chainey: it's an ancient BIKE GOD ritual. Soon the bike is fixed enough to continue the ride, leaving the deflated human shell behind.threeway.jpg
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It sure is apparent who hasn't been riding much and staying in shape lately... TsaiBorg follows Zippy MacPhee, the last to arrive at the first breakpoint.
Anxious to prove he isn't in such bad shape as it seems, TsaiBorg is ready and willing to end the break early. Byondo and Zippy keep their wits about them, realizing the bikes still need more time to recover.breaktime.jpg
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The trek continues, with the group nearing the point of overlap. No biker has ever made it past this point starting from the northwest entrance to the park. These immense, towering hills effectively divide the park into two halves: start from the northwest entrance and you stay in the western half; start from the northeast entrance and you stay in the eastern half. The BIKE GODS are about to cross over into the eastern half of the park, something that has never been done before! See if you can figure out our route on this map...
The bikes are exhausted and require extra rest. The BIKE GODS have successfully ridden from the West to the East, and now must make their way back before the waning light of the sun becomes no more. It's a race against time and bike fatigue!notyet.jpg
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The shadows are long as the red sun continues to descend when the BIKE GODS return to the West Side. There is not much time left, and they still must ride the entire western half, normally a full day's ride for most bikers.
Byondo stops to admire the magnificent colors in the western sky. The light will soon be gone, but not before the BIKE GODS have safely completed the journey.
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