Chino Hills

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BIKE GOD Theatre

Every October 31st, an annual BIKE GOD tradition is held in the wild lands of Chino Hills. One or more BIKE GODS will test his strength and will against the fierce, indigenous bikes of the region. Intentionally disabling his own tamed beast of a bike, he must run to safety before he's gored by the bloodthirsty handlebars of those wild bikes.

This is a test so difficult and frightening that no human has ever done it. In fact, it is not well known that the sheer fright induced by this event was the original inspiration for the human holiday of Halloween.

To start the annual Running with the BIKES event, Air Mapster lets the air out of the front tire of his bike, Lincoln. Every October 31st, the wild bikes of the region peak in their numbers and ferocity. They will soon smell the released tire air, and will come after Air Mapster, attempting to gore him with their handlebars. Mapster will have to run for his life, pushing his bike all the way.
Following tradition, one BIKE GOD always departs on wheels, leaving a more dangerous situation behind for those who will run. This year, it's Zippy MacPhee's turn to help double the jeopardy.
03_Going.jpg 04_Gone.jpg
In just an instant, Zippy MacPhee fades from sight.
It's now just Air Mapster, his bike Lincoln, and their shadows against the untame bikes of Chino Hills. Will they make it back to safety? Watch BIKE GOD theatre to find out!