Potato Mountain

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BIKE GOD Theatre

After a hiatus of 9½ years, the BIKE GODS return to the mystical Potato Mountain and get their groove on. In this modern twist on an old classic film, we juxtapose footage old and new, revealing the gradual transfiguration inflicted upon this old mountain by Father Time.

To maintain continuity, we have slowed the initial footage to ¼ actual speed, just as was done in the original motion picture. But to give our viewers a taste of the thrill of being a BIKE GOD, the speed jumps to ½ realtime after the old clip fades away. Anything closer to reality would be too much of a blur!

The BIKE GODS, as mighty as Clippers, prepare for their second documented ride, and first documented triplet, in years.
Byondo arrives, sporting the yellow jersey of many races easily won during his hiatus from in front of the BIKE GODS camera.
Zippy MacPhee clicks his chin strap into place, excited to be back with the triumvirate of original BIKE GODS. Lock and load, baby! Lock and load.
Byondo breaks out the shades, a new look for him. Will it work? Or will the mighty Potato decide otherwise?
Air Mapster's tire is injured, bleeding that blue-green BIKE GOD bike blood. It's time for some emergency repairs!
And they're off, for the first time as a group, on camera, in many years!
Byondo is feeling particularly spry today, leading the way up, up, up to The Great Potato.
Zippy MacPhee approaches the traditional break point at break neck speed.
Elapsed time: just half a second!
Giddy over their first ride together in 6 years, Byondo and Zippy MacPhee decide to link up for a while and ride tandem.
Can you spot the wily Byondo, stealthily making a lightning-fast repair? Only the camera of a BIKE GOD could possibly capture this rare moment!
And he's off again, leading the charge up the mountain. You'd never know that mere seconds ago, his bike was undergoing major surgery!
Sometimes you just have to stop and admire how great you are.
But not for long, as Byondo pushes ahead for the final climb. He's a machine! Unstoppable.
Having reached the great summit, Byondo and Zippy enjoy the view with a pair of humans, after helping them up the mountain.
The bikes take a well deserved rest, savoring a spectacular view of their own. Can you spot The Great Potato, master of all things Spudly on this mountain?
Byondo recreates a famous BIKE GOD photo from the days of old. Can you believe it's been 9½ years? He's looking good in this modern update to an old classic.
The Great Potato sits atop its high mountain perch, surveying all for miles below and wielding its awesome power. It's the Prince of Potatoes, the Sultan of Spuds, the Top Tater in all the land. This is one Tycoon Tuber that will never be a Mashed Monarch, an Aristocrat Au Gratin, or a Baked Baron. Put away your bacon bits and chives, this hot potato takes no prisoners!
After paying their respects to The Great Potato, the BIKE GODS head down the mountain and Insane® speeds.
They're down to the bottom in the blink of an eye!
No braggadocio needed here, everyone knows the BIKE GODS are kings of the trail. A great ride once again!