Potato Mountain


  • Air Mapster
  • Zippy MacPhee
  • Byondo 18
BIKE GOD Theatre
  1. Screaming Potato
    • See the adrenaline-pumping ride through a BIKE GOD'S eyes!
  2. Zippy Cam
    • Witness the excellent camera skills of Zippy MacPhee!
  3. The Clare Writch Project
    • See what the critics say:
      " . . . astounding . . . and . . . very . . . original"

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Potato Mountain looms menacingly in the distance. Its rough and barren slopes have become a burial ground for young and naive bikers who did not heed the warnings of the crazy old man who lives nearby. Those were the lucky ones - countless others have been subjected to fates worse than death on Potato's unforgiving terrain. The BIKE GODS approach the ride with eagerness and no fear, noting that they like their potatoes MASHED.
After easily conquering the first challenge of the day, Zippy MacPhee leisurely stretches out while Air Mapster surveys the trail for traps set out by the Potato.stretch.jpg
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Byondo and Zippy lightheartedly joke about the "perils" of Potato Mountain, something that is no laughing matter to a normal human biker.
Zippy and Byondo continue on their uphill journey at blazing speed, still miles away from the top of Potato.ride.jpg
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Remembering the water fiasco from last week, Byondo limits himself to drinking only half of the water tower's contents. Zippy looks on, feeling a bit underwhelmed by the mountain's challenges so far.
The BIKE GODS continue to foil Potato's plans for their demise, easily riding past the point where no human biker has ever been seen alive. Zippy and Byondo are in high spirits as they methodically make their way up the angry mountain.zb.jpg
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Air Mapster takes advantage of this rare photo opportunity, merrily mocking Potato by easily riding up a dangerous section of trail a second time.
Despite several attempts, the mountain fails to stop Byondo from reaching its top, where no human has ever been.byondo.jpg
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Zippy soon follows, cresting the top of the mountain at his usual breakneck speed.
Air Mapster celebrates a mission accomplished by using his BIKE GOD strength to joyfully hoist Zippy high above, while an evil Zippy clone sent by Potato lies dead after a fierce battle. The bikes take a well deserved rest, having been pushed far beyond their natural limits.strong.jpg
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Potato's evil Byondo clone also proves to be no match for the awesome strength and fighting skill of a BIKE GOD. It joins its partner in crime, dying a slow and painful death while the BIKE GODS rejoice.
The ride down is just as perilous as the way to the top. This evil forest on the backside of Potato has claimed more innocent bikers than Potato itself. It is said that if you stand still and listen carefully, you can hear their cries of agony in between the rustle of the leaves. The BIKE GODS ride through with care, paying their respects to the forgotten victims.forest.jpg
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