• Zippy MacPhee
  • Byondo
  • Air Mapster 20

Ride Stats

Elevation gain:  2028 ft
Distance:  9.43 mi
Average grade:  9.9%

Past Rides

BIKE GOD Theatre

The theatre is closed this week for repairs.

f01.jpg f02.jpg f03.jpg   Zippy MacPhee shows off his snazzy new shoes and pedals, much to the envy of the other BIKE GODS. He's all clipped in and ready to go!
f05.jpg f04.jpg f07.jpg f06.jpg The BIKE GODS stop for a quick group photo on the way up to the mighty Potato. Those shoes are still looking sharp!
f08.jpg f09.jpg
Byondo finishes the final ascent with ease. He's looking a little unfulfilled. Maybe's it just shoe envy; who knows?
f10.jpg f11.jpg Meanwhile, Air Mapster makes sure to document the fact that he was here, while Byondo and Zippy give their bikes a well-deserved rest.
f14.jpg f12.jpg f13.jpg   Suddenly on the way down, Byondo hits the brakes and stops to make a rash decision. He's still sore about Zippy's slick new shoes, and in his brooding anger he becomes a bit reckless. Byondo decides to carefully dismantle his front brake, making the descent from Potato Mountain much more treacherous than it already is.
f15.jpg f16.jpg To add to the peril, he chooses to make this modification directly under this swarm of killer bees! Either he's not thinking clearly at all, or he's a genius beyond all conventional understanding. Adrenaline courses through his thick veins and he cracks a wry smile as the risk factor steadily increases. He begins to feel alive!
f17.jpg These horsemen stop and try to help, not understanding Byondo's true motive in disabling his brake.
f18.jpg The horsemen cheerfully and insistently offer this piece of construction wire to help replace the spring that Byondo has already strategically "lost" in the brush. Not wanting to offend their gesture of goodwill, the BIKE GODS accept and pretend to install it on the brake. Of course, this puny wire will never hold the brake in place, so Byondo can rest assured that his ride down the mountain will be much like that of a rodeo cowboy on a bucking bronco. He eagerly anticipates the rush of flying down the mountain at preposterous speeds!
f19.jpg The BIKE GODS can resume their descent now that the danger has been turned up to eleven and a half. In a flash, they're gone.
f21.jpg f20.jpg Normally the fastest downhiller of the bunch, Zippy must use all of his skill and energy to keep up with Byondo's wild ride down the sheer face of this mountain. It's a good thing he has those fancy new pedals, because this is one downhill plunge they won't soon forget!