Potato Mountain


  • Zippy MacPhee
  • TsaiBorg
  • Air Mapster
  • Byondo 30
BIKE GOD Theatre
Due to nothing in particular, BIKE GOD Theatre will be dark this week.
QuickTime 4 Required

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After nearly 4 weeks off from biking, Byondo has to refer to his BIKE GOD training manual to figure out whether his bike is upside down or not. Soon all is familiar again and the BIKE GODS are back in business after their hiatus.
Byondo boldly charges up the hill at lightning speed, swiftly overtaking even this seasoned veteran of the trails. No matter his skill or experience, no human can defeat a BIKE GOD!guy.jpg
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Potato Mountain is growing strong again as it does every winter, extending its reach of evil and casting an erie shadow in the bright sunlight. Byondo makes his way up to the top during this strange eclipse-like event as TsaiBorg waits and looks on.
It's getting dark early, Byondo and TsaiBorg note (or is it just Potato forcing the sun down early?), as they wait for Zippy MacPhee to come charging up the last stretch of trail.tbs.jpg
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Zippy MacPhee heartily celebrates his arrival at the top as the sun quickly descends towards the horizon. As nightfall approaches, the BIKE GODS consider waiting to tackle the enormous challenge of descending the Spud in complete darkness. There are signs that the Clare Writch is out and about tonight, undoubtedly energized by Potato's vibes of evil. But being the pacifist good samaritans that they are, the BIKE GODS decide not to risk a confrontation which would certainly end in the Writch's demise.
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Air Mapster stops on the way down to take a photo essay of the incredible sunset. Just outside Potato's growing reach, we see that the sun is indeed setting - it was not just the tuber influence after all. But in another month, Potato's full power will even send the sun home early, causing the shortest days of the year. For now, Air Mapster enjoys the beauty of a pure sunset, untainted by the evil mountain's filthy touch.
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