• TsaiBorg
  • Air Mapster
  • Zippy MacPhee
  • Byondo 67
BIKE GOD Theatre
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Something, perhaps some spirit of some kind, clearly does not want the BIKE GODS to ride Skyline today. First, confusing freeway exits. Then the mislabeled street signs and detour. And now, this. Zippy MacPhee is forced to search for a local bike shop for some quick repairs as a critical part of his bike (Sprocket Rocket) inexplicably breaks. It's going to be an interesting day...
In this rare photo, Air Mapster actually manages to get ahead of TsaiBorg enough to turn around for a quick shot before he sprints out of view. Thankfully, Air has the quickest shutter finger in the west, or this rare image would exist only in the wildest dreams of young and foolish bikers.tzb.jpg
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Feeling a little cocky, Air attempts to get an unprecedent second shot of TsaiBorg from the front. But alas, the Borg is just too strong and quick this time, and all we see are Zippy followed by Byondo.
Byondo takes the rear today, ever watchful for that strange force that nearly thwarted the BIKE GODS' ride from the start. So far, so good, but this kind of luck can only last so long...shade.jpg
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At this first breaking point, Air Mapster climbs a little bit to get a possible view of the enemy, while the other BIKE GODS stay together, guarding their poor, frightened bikes.
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As usual, TsaiBorg has been waiting here for awhile as Zippy MacPhee approaches the second break of the day. Air Mapster and camera are not far behind.
Byondo speeds his way up the hill to the break point, obviously spooked by something. He can't put his finger on it, but something is following the BIKE GODS, and he's not happy that this week is his turn to bring up the rear.b.jpg
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The evil presence finally reveals itself in the form of Phil Jackson! Obviously practicing some sort of evil zen voodoo, Jackson channels himself to Skyline and materializes in an attempt to shove Air Mapster to the ground, much like his famous shove of Reggie "TurtleHead" Miller in Game 4 of the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals. Thankfully, his shoving ability is only marginally better than Kobe's defense, so Air has no trouble eliminating the sinister apparition.
Air Mapster was caught off guard by that first shove since Phil cleverly snuck up behind him. His knees are a bit scraped up, but nothing compared to the beating taken by the Laker villain.knees.jpg
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Relieved now that the foul specter has been vanquished, Byondo can now concentrate on powering his way up mighty hills such as this one.
Byondo and Zippy, seen here from afar, race up the mountain at top speed.far.jpg
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While enjoying the spectacular view, the BIKE GODS are still ever watchful for any more unwholesome Laker scoundrels.
Byondo and TsaiBorg enjoy the spectacular view from a stretch of singletrack at the top of the mountain.jtop.jpg
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It seems Air's knees and Sprocket Rocket's parts weren't the only things Phil managed to sabotage. While Mapster was introducing him to the ground (face first), old zenboy managed to speak an old incantation to loosen the ball bearings in Lincoln's rear wheel. After discovering this, Zippy and Byondo speed down the mountain for help as only they can, while Air and TsaiBorg take it slow so as not to further injure Lincoln's wheel. All make it safely down and the ride is a great success despite Phil's efforts. The BIKE GODS suggest that he stick to what he knows: coaching teams that are already on the rise and taking all credit for their success.


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