• Zippy MacPhee
  • Byondo
  • Air Mapster 14
BIKE GOD Theatre
Soon, soon...
QuickTime 4 Required

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Zippy MacPhee shows off his strange new water dispensing contraption as Byondo flails his arms about in disgust. That's some high quality H-2-O!
Behind the camera, Air Mapster watches from afar as Byondo and Zippy make their way up the slippery, treacherous slope. Can you find them in these long-range shots, taken just two seconds apart?farfaraway.jpg
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Three seconds later, the pair are already here, catching up to lazy Mapster with ease.
The BIKE GODS round the corner, nearing the top of the mountain...aroundthebend.jpg
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This particular incline is so dangerous that the bikes are actually putting up a fight, fearful for their own safety. Byondo and Z-Mac must dismount and forcefully (but gently) show the bikes how it can be conquered without a fuss.
Byondo and Zippy reach the edge of the world, the point of no return. It takes little contemplation to know exactly what to do...theedge.jpg
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...And soon they plunge over the edge, quickly disappearing into the unknown dangers of the brush. A fun ride for all!


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