• Air Mapster
  • Zippy MacPhee
  • Byondo 20

Ride Stats

Elevation gain:  2291 ft
Distance:  15.43 mi
Average grade:  6.1%

Past Rides

BIKE GOD Mappery


  Start/Finish     Bollard Cache
    Clare Writch Cache
f01.jpg Returning after a two-month sabbatical, Byondo is happy to finally be back on the bike. During his absence, he almost forgot which part of the bike faces forward; but after a little delay, he catches up to the rest of the BIKE GODS.
f02.jpg Zippy MacPhee zips down this hill so fast, he's literally a blur. What more can we say?
f03.jpg Here, Z-Mac demonstrates the BIKE GODS' newfound treasure-hunting hobby for Byondo, who's witnessing an exciting find for the first time. But Byondo's thoroughly underwhelmed by the contents found within.
f04.jpg f05.jpg f06.jpg
After digging through the hidden cache, the BIKE GODS take a quick break to honor the giant bollard. Air Mapster was here, too!
f07.jpg f08.jpg But the bollard booty isn't the final goal of today's caching expedition. Today the BIKE GODS make history by hiding a treasure of their own for future generations of plunderers to seek. What better place to do so than the nearby Clare Writch Wruins, celebrating their incredible victory over the evil witch who once terrorized these lands? At last, thanks to the valiant efforts of the BIKE GODS, these ruins are now safe for mere mortals to visit; it makes a perfect hiding place!
f09.jpg f10.jpg Zippy and Byondo lead the way back down, through the thick brush, after having accomplished their covert mission in the Writch's former lair.
f11.jpg Heading toward the light, the BIKE GODS leave these formerly cursed lands as they finish up another great ride.