La Verne


  • TsaiBorg
  • Air Mapster
  • Zippy MacPhee
No lateness points!
BIKE GOD Theatre
Not right now.
QuickTime 4 Required

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Showing its respect for the BIKE GODS, a deer scrambles off the trail to make room for their thunderous wheels.
What's that smell? TsaiBorg isn't feeling well today and is forced to stop and hurl. Zippy MacPhee makes a funny face as he catches a whiff.tsaihurl.jpg
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Z-Mac patiently waits at the water tower as TsaiBorg cleans out his helmet. You don't want to know.
TsaiBorg still lags behind, giving the BIKE GODS some cause for concern over his condition. Then again, maybe it's just morning sickness.tsailag.jpg
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The Borg is looking much better going down this steep slope. It's actually much steeper than it appears - that tree in the background is really vertical!
With TsaiBorg not feeling so good, Zippy takes the lead today, charging up the most difficult section of trail.zill.jpg
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Zippy and TsaiBorg zoom down the trail in a flash...
TsaiBorg seems to be feeling a bit better now, having just taken the lead in the race to the finish. Everyone is relieved that he's back in front!paved.jpg
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That's not Byondo.


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