• Zippy MacPhee
  • Air Mapster 4

Ride Stats

Elevation gain:  3126 ft
Distance:  14.49 mi
Average grade:  8.4%

Past Rides

BIKE GOD Theatre

The theatre is closed this week due to heavy fog.

f01.jpg The BIKE GODS decide to tackle a new challenge for the second week in a row. Today they start at Lytle Creek, with hopes of joining the mile high club.
f02.jpg f03.jpg It's a beautiful morning up here on the trail, but the vast cityscape below is still shrouded in a thick blanket of fog. Zippy MacPhee stops to take in this panoramic study in weather contrast, while Zippy MacPhee continues to push his way up the steep incline.
f04.jpg Air Mapster joins one of the Zippys and marvels at the spectacular view.
f05.jpg Sensing the BIKE GODS thundering up the trail, this baby rattlesnake quickly slithers away, looking for its mommy. There sure are a lot of babies (snakes, heads, etc) on this trail today!
f07.jpg f06.jpg f09.jpg f08.jpg Air Mapster continues up the punishing slope at a breakneck pace.
f10.jpg Zippy MacPhee rounds this corner, already marking 2,000 feet of absolute elevation gain, as the dense fog continues to linger far below.
f11.jpg f12.jpg After over 3,000 of absolute elevation gain, the BIKE GODS reach a mile above sea level. To make the ascent even more challenging, Zippy MacPhee has deliberately adjusted his bike to make it more difficult to pedal. Now that they have reached their goal, he decides it's time to be nice to the bike and correct the bad adjustment.
f13.jpg As always, Zippy MacPhee lives up to his name, zipping over these incredible loose and treacherous rocks at lightning speed. At times, he is going so fast that you'd almost think he fell down!
f14.jpg On the way down, the BIKE GODS stop and find some more hidden treasure in this Mrs. Dash Cache.
f15.jpg f16.jpg Another treasure trove is guarded by this menacing and deadly giant spider. Luckily, Air Mapster knows exactly how to sedate it, while Z-Mac makes off with the cache to examine its contents. It's amazing historical artifacts like these that make such a grueling ride all worth it.