• Zippy MacPhee
  • Air Mapster 2

Ride Stats

Elevation gain:  2562 ft
Distance:  17.22 mi
Average grade:  5.8%

Past Rides

BIKE GOD Theatre

The theatre is closed this week due to snakebite.

f01.jpg f02.jpg It's no coincidence that nearby Loma Linda University Hospital houses the nation's leading venomologist. This area is literally slithering with snakes like the red diamond rattlesnake shown here. Zippy MacPhee emerges from this encounter with a little dust on his shorts, but still victorious. The snake quickly slides away in defeat, warning his brethren to watch out because the BIKE GODS are here! We have a feeling this is the last snake we'll see today.
f04.jpg f03.jpg Farther up the trail, the BIKE GODS use some fancy-pants new technology to locate this cache of buried treasure. As you can see, they hit the jackpot, discovering an ancient baseball card, some kind of yellow band that tells the time, and various other prized finds.
f05.jpg Meanwhile, Zippy decides to mix up his workout a bit and drag the bike along the trail for a while. Air Mapster surveys the vast panoramic view from this point.
f06.jpg f07.jpg Z-Mac continues his newly invented crossover fitness workout — a "crossfit" program, if you will.
f08.jpg Air Mapster documents the fact that he was here, while Zippy changes up his routine again, zipping by on the bike.
f09.jpg f10.jpg After a quick pizza break out on the trail, Zippy's back to his crossfit ways, running as fast as he can through this insanely loose and sandy section of trail. Impressive form!
f11.jpg On the way down, the BIKE GODS discover yet another cache of treasures. This tiny treasure chest contains some stickers and a little bird, while the BIKE GODS can hardly contain their excitement at finding it!