• Zippy MacPhee
  • Russian Rocket
  • Air Mapster 15
  • Byondo 15

Ride Stats

Elevation gain:  2096 ft
Distance:  11.59 mi
Average grade:  15.7%

Past Rides

BIKE GOD Theatre

The BIKE GODS do a little dance for your viewing pleasure! Includes scenes from this week's ride and more...

The BIKE GODS prepare for another ride on this drizzly morning. Byondo doesn't feel like riding in the rain today, so he performs an ancient BIKE GOD anti-rain dance, contorting and gesticulating wildly as he cavorts around the car.
Byondo looks back with great satisfaction as the sun peers out from behind the clouds. The anti-rain dance worked, and he wins a bet. Zippy MacPhee makes a sour face, coming to the realization that he'll have to pay.
f05.jpgf06.jpgf07.jpg f08.jpgf09.jpgf10.jpg
Zippy MacPhee leads the way as the BIKE GODS easily tackle the first obstacle of the day. Everyone makes it look so easy!
In an eerie foreshadowing of the day's events, Z-Mac stops to check the chain on his bike. Something seems amiss, but a quick inspection turns up nothing out of place.
f14.jpg f15.jpg
The Russian Rocket enters these raging waters, splashing and crashing his way through and creating a tsunami of flying foam in his wake.
f16.jpg f17.jpg
The BIKE GODS continue speeding up the muddy trail in a blur.
After having climbed up from the valley floor far below, the BIKE GODS take this opportunity to enjoy the view from these great heights. Across the way is the paved road used by wimpy motor vehicle drivers who can't even propel themselves up to this elevation under their own power.
f21.jpg f22.jpg
Speaking of wimpy, the BIKE GODS pass a few downhillers who were dropped off at the top of the trail. Zippy MacPhee is still stunned in silent anger as he continues pushing himself up the mountain. The way he sees it, you shouldn't be allowed to enjoy a great downhill ride if you haven't even earned it by using your own legs to get to the top.
Feeling like something is still wrong, Z-Mac stops again to inspect his chain. Once again, no problems are found. But he remains uneasy, recalling the warped chainring and detached pedal he suffered last time the BIKE GODS rode this trail. Perhaps there's a curse on him in this place?
Hoping to outrun any such curse, Zippy shoots far ahead on the trail.
The BIKE GODS stop once again to ridicule the lazy motorists driving up the road across the way.
They also turn to enjoy the spectacular view from this vantage point.
f27.jpg f28.jpg
Meanwhile, Byondo performs a sudden helmet inspection. Yep, still looks like a helmet!
As the ascent continues, the trail becomes difficult to follow as the dense foliage creeps in. Z-Mac and Byondo press on, undeterred.
The BIKE GODS stop to get a group photo, somehow sensing that this may be their last opportunity of the day. Of course, they can't help clowning around and leaning to the side to make it look like the camera isn't level.
Finally, this is the photo we've been waiting for!
f34.jpg f35.jpg
And almost on cue, Zippy suffers a devastating mechanical failure. His powerful legs have combined forces with the curse that afflicts him here to obliterate his bike's chain.
Obviously the BIKE GODS are world class bike repair specialists. A simple broken chain would be no problem for them to fix. But as you can clearly see, this chain has been destroyed beyond all recognition!
And with that, the BIKE GODS decide to head back down the trail, with or without a Zippy chain.
f38.jpg f39.jpg f40.jpg
Without his chain, Z-Mac must resort to good old-fashioned BIKE GOD ingenuity to get himself past various obstacles on the trail. While he can easily zoom down the mountain in a flash, those short uphill sections require a little running or perhaps Flintstones-style improvization. It's a welcome challenge to end the day.