• Air Mapster
  • Byondo
  • Zippy MacPhee 14
  • Russian Rocket 14

Ride Stats

Elevation gain:  1982 ft
Distance:  12.65 mi
Average grade:  6.5%

Past Rides

BIKE GOD Theatre

Coming soon: the theatre reopens for the first time this year!

The Fearsome Foursome is back at it again, as the Russian Rocket joins the BIKE GODS for his second ride. The BIKE GODS are very happy to see him back!
Zippy MacPhee and Byondo gleefully lead the way up the Crafton Hills.
Byondo enjoys a hearty laugh as Zippy entertains us with his finest impression of the dainty motorcyclist who was too wimpy to ride up here under his own power. "Oooh, look at me! I'm such a wimp!" Zippy exclaims in a mocking voice.
f05.jpg f06.jpg
The BIKE GODS stop to enjoy an incredible view.
f07.jpg f08.jpg
Byondo and Zipster press on with great vigor.
Our friend, the Russian Rocket, is doing remarkably well today, tearing up the hill at great speed and keeping the BIKE GODS within his sights.
Byondo and Zippy take a moment to smile, thinking of how they are about to demolish the rutty hill behind them.
Byondo takes in a splendiferous view of the San Bernardino mountains.
Zippy and the Russian Rocket discuss the origins of this geological marker. Clearly, they conclude, this must have been placed here millennia ago by ancient BIKE GODS in the process of surveying the trail.
Air Mapster attempts to take a panorama shot, but for the life of him can't find that mode on the camera. Oh, well!
f13.jpg f14.jpg
The BIKE GODS encounter snow on the trail. Good thing they have their snow tires and chains handy!
Air Mapster splits from the group to tackle the peak of these hills.
f16.jpg f17.jpg
And in no time, he and his bike reach the summit.
It's all downhill from here, as Zippy MacPhee lives up to his name by speeding down the trail in a blur.
Air Mapster snaps this photo of the Zipster from far above. Just moments earlier, Zippy was right next to Mapster!
Z-Mac leads the way as the Rocket follows closely, navigating the speedy twists and turns with exceptional prowess and ease.
But in a surprise move, it was Byondo who beat us all to the bottom, giving himself such a large cushion that he has time to get off the bike and walk before Zippy streaks towards him.
It's a tough ride on pavement from here on out. Not the BIKE GODS' first choice, but they always welcome a good challenge.
The BIKE GODS pose for some hilarious photos of them out of their element, as Air Mapster steps out from behind the camera.
Zippy and Byondo contemplate riding over that metal grate for fun, as the Rocket takes an important call.
f29.jpg f30.jpg
What's this? Double sidewalks? Unheard of!
A team of firefighters is quickly dispatched to put out the brush fire caused by Zippy MacPhee's scorching speed as he descended that hill moments ago.
f32.jpg f33.jpg
After one final monster climb, the BIKE GODS return to the starting point of the day. Another successful ride!