Hurkey Creek

Trail Information


  1/10/10 Ride


Hurkey Creek campground is at the intersection of California Highway 74 (the Pines to Palms Highway) and Apple Canyon Rd. Depending on your starting point, you may need to take Highway 243 to 74, Highway 79 to 74, or take Highway 74 most of the way. The campground is a few miles south of the town of Mountain Center, and is on the left side of the Highway 74 when you're traveling south.

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  1. When you turn onto Apple Canyon Rd, keep to the left and enter the campground.
  2. The day use fee is $2 per person. Either find a ranger or one will find you in the parking lot.
  3. The trailhead starts at campsite 130. Just ride over from wherever you parked.



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