• Zippy MacPhee
  • Air Mapster 12

Ride Stats

Elevation gain:  1775 ft
Distance:  11.14 mi
Average grade:  6.4%

Past Rides

BIKE GOD Theatre

The Theatre is closed indefinitely until NBC BIKE GOD management makes a final decision regarding its late night lineup.

Air Mapster snaps a pic of Banning, CA on his way up to the high country. Check out the foreground motion blur, caused by his amazing uphill speed!
Zippy MacPhee prepares for a hard day's ride among the tall pines.
At the start of the trail, the BIKE GODS encounter their first obstacle of the day.
But no worries, Z-Mac's got it covered!
f05.jpg f06.jpg
f08.jpg f09.jpg
Please enjoy these spectacular photos of Zippy MacPhee's back.
Air Mapster's shadow rides alongside, showing serious speed.
f11.jpg f12.jpg
Zippy MacPhee attacks the "Exfoliator" trail with extreme precision and skill. As you can see in the latest photo, his skin is now silky smooth.
Air Mapster's shadow contemplates this next section of trail, which is conspicuously marked as "hike-a-bike" on the map.
But Zippy MacPhee shows that no hiking is necessary - at least if you're a BIKE GOD.
f15.jpg f16.jpg
In a rare on-camera moment, Air Mapster emerges from the brush and dazzles all with his mad skillz.
f17.jpg f18.jpg
Please enjoy two more spectacular photos of Z-Mac's back.