La Cañada


  • Booty Boy
  • Byondo
  • Air Mapster
  • TsaiBorg 14
BIKE GOD Theatre
Our last outing at La Cañada was heavily thwarted by the evil spirit of its Dead Ends. Although we were forced to turn back, we vowed to return and conquer this challenge. Choosing our path very carefully, this time we slipped past the Dead Ends into a world like no other. Click to experience the wonder and weirdness...

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The foolish human bikers fall prey to the Ice Cream Man, and soon their fancy sponsor-laden jerseys and dual-shock bikes do them no good as their stomachs experience lactic nightmares.
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Air Mapster attempts this death-defying shot while riding his bike. Despite using a 1/500th second shutter speed, the picture still comes out blurry due to the high, relativistic speed at which BIKE GODS sometimes travel.
The BIKE GODS may have unlocked the mysteries of the La Cañada Dead Ends. Having chosen their path to carefully avoid all known dead ends, they continue riding into the unknown, where no biker has gone before. Something seems slightly amiss in these photographs...blu3.jpg
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Byondo crosses the stream in a surreal, dreamlike blur. The BIKE GODS are beginning to realize that this is a world like no other, where the laws of reality have no meaning. Clearly the La Cañada Dead Ends serve as a warning to would-be explorers of this bizarro trail, but the BIKE GODS press on.
The bikes have had enough and are terribly spooked by the weirdness they have encountered. Only by getting off and walking can the BIKE GODS go any farther today. Ultimately, for the safety of their bikes, they turn back here.rock.jpg
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Booty Boy and his bike, Kaliper, cross the stream that flows upward on their way out of this unearthly place.
Chainey (Byondo's bike) and Kaliper gleefully ignore the posted speed limit as they are happy to escort their masters back to the real world.bybo.jpg
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To celebrate their safe return, the BIKE GODS build a giant bonfire over which to cook their hearty dinner. La Cañada has not seen the last of them: they will be back to discover all of its secrets.


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