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  • Air Mapster
  • Zippy MacPhee
  • Byondo
BIKE GOD Theatre
Showing true BIKE GOD courage, Zippy MacPhee sacrifices himself to rescue a poor, helpless burger from the searing hot coals of the grill.


After a hard day's ride, the BIKE GODS satisfy their hunger with a good old-fashioned cookout.

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Zippy MacPhee prepares to battle the flames for a cookout, BIKE GOD style.
It takes a mighty fire to cook a BIKE GOD
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Mmmmmm, those BIKE DOGS look good, don't they?
Despite his absence earlier in the day (due to wrist problems), Byondo joins the BIKE GODS for some good eats. He's just a blur as he amazes all with his cooking skills.byondo.jpg
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In a rare treat, a BIKE GODDESS joins in the cooking frenzy. It takes at least three cooks at all times to prepare food fast enough to satisfy the voracious appetites of the BIKE GODS.
Zippy MacPhee is so confident in his burger-flipping abilities, he attempts the feat with his eyes closed! Watch BIKE GOD Theatre to see the aftermath...zipflip.jpg
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