La Cañada


  • Booty Boy
  • Air Mapster
  • Zippy MacPhee 15
BIKE GOD Theatre
The evil spirit of the mythical La Cañada Dead Ends was wreaking its havoc on the BIKE GODS' ride. After facing 5 miserable dead end trails, the BIKE GODS were forced to turn back as Zippy MacPhee's rear tire inexplicably began rapidly losing air. La Cañada may have won this battle, but rest assured that the BIKE GODS will win the war...

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Booty Boy is a BIKE GOD in training. He's having a hard time getting his helmet to stick to his head, not his hands.
The BIKE GODS will be ready to go as soon as Booty Boy frees his hands from his helmet.ready.jpg
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Zippy MacPhee begins the ride by flattening a truck that just happens to get in his way. We apologize for the inconvenience this must have caused, but motorists should heed this warning: watch out when the BIKE GODS come to your town! A rare glimpse of a BIKE GODDESS and BIKE DOGS can be seen on the far left.
Air Mapster flashes a big smile as he passes a BIKE GODDESS and BIKE DOGS on the way to the trail.air2.jpg
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Zippy leads the way for Booty Boy as the BIKE GODS find the first of many dead ends on this ride.
"Let's try this trail and see where it goes!"trail2.jpg
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About a minute later the BIKE GODS come upon the second dead end of the day. Many more are yet to come...
Booty Boy is still getting used to being a BIKE GOD in training. He turns to the camera with a look of disbelief as the mortal biker below stops to bow and pay his respects.bow.jpg
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This nice little forest trail looks promising. But about a minute later, dead end number 3 rears its ugly, sinister head.
Zippy and Booty Boy press on, determined to find a trail that goes farther than 100 feet. It appears they may have found it?horse.jpg
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Check out the dust Booty Boy kicks up in his struggle to keep up with Zippy MacPhee! He has performed exceptionally well today and will soon achieve full BIKE GOD status. Unfortunately, dead end number 4 is just around the corner (see BIKE GOD Theatre).
Dead end number 5 is the perfect spot for one of the treacherous tests that distinguishes BIKE GODS from mortals. Your average human would die a slow, painful death here but Booty Boy passes with flying colors, indicating that our suspicions were correct. He has at least some BIKE GOD in his blood; with the proper training, that will be all he needs to become a full BIKE GOD.dead5.jpg
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Air Mapster is so excited by Booty Boy's prospects of becoming a BIKE GOD, he gives a rare demonstration of his unique BIKE GOD talent of flying.
To celebrate Booty Boy's progress, the BIKE GODS held a cookout in his honor.


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