Crystal Lake


  • Air Mapster
  • Byondo
  • Zippy MacPhee 12
BIKE GOD Theatre
  1. Lost
    • Byondo and Zippy have some trouble finding their way, despite having been here before. Watch as the hilarity ensues until Air Mapster (it's his first time here) steps in to point the BIKE GODS in the right direction.
  2. Flavor Crystal Lake
    • Experience the thrill ride of a lifetime, as seen only through a BIKE GOD'S eyes!

Can you correctly identify the BIKE GODS as they ride along the Cliff of Death?
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The BIKE GODS begin the day searching for the mythical Crystal Lake. They are somewhat disappointed to find that it is not quite as big as the brochures would indicate...
Though feeling somewhat foolish after finding the real Crystal Lake, the BIKE GODS are still somewhat underwhelmed by its splendor, or lack thereof. It's a quick hike back to the parking lot where the real journey begins.biglake.jpg
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Zippy MacPhee has a little trouble with his front wheel, but it's quickly fixed as only BIKE GODS know how. Byondo gets his chain lubed up and ready to go.
BIKE GODS ride wherever they please, knowing that any motor vehicle is no match for the strength and power of a BIKE GOD.doubleyellow.jpg
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The BIKE GODS sure have been keeping up on their repair skills lately: Byondo masterfully mends the clips on his shoe.
Signs posted for humans mean nothing to BIKE GODS. They go wherever their fancy takes them, knowing no boundaries or limits.road.jpg
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The only villain encountered on this near-perfect ride is the evil Blood-Red Hound. It unsuccessfully tries to nip at Zippy's bike before Byondo dispatches of the poor, miserable beast.
Facing a particularly difficult section of trail, Byondo and Zippy gently reassure their wavering bikes. Soon their steeds are filled with such confidence that they make it look
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Zippy and Byondo come charging up the trail, nearing the top of the mountain.
Z-Mac powers his way over large rocks and through the trees. Nothing will stop him from his goal.ztree.jpg
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Byondo To-D rides dangerously close to the Do-D (Drop of Death). One false move would spell doom on this section, which is nearly impassable to human bikers. Byondo rides it with ease as Zippy leads the way.
The BIKE GODS take a moment to enjoy the incredible panoramic view.
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