Aliso/Woods Canyon


  • Byondo
  • Air Mapster
  • Zippy MacPhee

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BIKE GOD Theatre
This week's footage was particularly intense and gory, involving several bloody battles with evil snake monsters. To create a more pleasurable viewing experience, our amazing special effects team has been working around the clock to remove all monsters and blood from the footage. We proudly present this light hearted look at a BIKE GODS outing for your enjoyment. (6.9 MB) movie
The astute viewer may wonder why some of the footage shows BIKE GODS falling, when that seems impossible. The truth is that these scenes are actually part of the grueling battles where snake monsters are knocking us off our bikes. You just don't see them in this "happy" version. If you'd still like to see the original, unedited footage, let us know here and we'll consider it.
QuickTime 4 Required

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Byondo is off to a great start as usual with a few equipment problems. Luckily BIKE GODS are experts at all things biking, so repairs were swift and masterful.
Zippy MacPhee puts on his game face.nose.jpg
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Zippy MacPhee and Byondo Two Dee start the first climb of the day at lightning speed.
See that biker in the upper left corner of the picture? He literally did not know what happened as Zippy and Byondo overtook his 100-yard lead in under two seconds!up2.jpg
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After snapping a few quick pictures, Air Mapster turns to find his bike merrily frolicking in the brush. The bike is full of energy today, eager for a challenging ride.
Z-Mac rides up the incredibly steep hill with ease.zmac-up.jpg
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Zippy leaves the two hikers wondering what happened, zipping by them at his trademark lightning-fast pace.
The bikes take a long break, completely exhausted from the climb up. The day isn't over yet - they'll need their strength for the downhill battles ahead.biketrash.jpg
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Will Byondo ever learn? Once again, he drinks a few hundred gallons of water too many, and pays the price. Meanwhile Zippy preens and cleans himself like a cat; sleek, mean, and ready to kill.
The panksters who modified this sign were obviously joking, but the BIKE GODS took this speed limit seriously. While quite capable of going much faster, they decide to limit themselves to 100 MPH going down the near vertical incline.speedlimit.jpg
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The King of Kartography, GOD of Geography, Air Mapster uses his incredible sense of direction to lead the BIKE GODS to glory.
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