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BIKE GOD Theatre
Are you kidding?
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The massive 300 pound mattress, still holding large amounts of water, sits in contemplation of the treacherous ride down the stairs and over the winding path to the waiting U-Haul. Lincoln, The Navigator, trembles in fearful anticipation of the hefty weight its wheels will soon bear.
Byondo and Air Mapster have successfully lifted all five hundred pounds of the mattress and water onto Lincoln. The bike is weary but steady.mount.jpg
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Byondo helps guide Lincoln and its 800 pound cargo. The bike's staunch willpower is all that keeps its poor tires from bursting under the pressure.
At last, the thousand-pound mattress has been delivered to its destination. The Navigator collapses in sheer overwhelming exhaustion.destination.jpg
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Without the bike to help them and using nothing but their BIKE GOD strength, Air Mapster and Byondo have managed to lift a full ton of mattress and water into the U-Haul.
Lincoln will surely need extra recovery time after carrying the massive burden of that 5,000 pound weight on its back! Yes, that's nearly 625 gallons of water for you mathematicians out there. Impressive indeed!relief.jpg
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In the cab of the U-Haul, Mapster and Byondo are pleased to see that the legacy of Zippy MacPhee is still alive and well in the move-it-yourself business. It was Z-Mac's legendary carport initiative that first prompted rental companies to place these warning labels inside their trucks. If not for the Zipper's courage and dedication to the cause, nary a single carport would likely be standing today. He is truly a hero, preventing the senseless destruction of carports the world over.
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