Clare Writch House


  • TsaiBorg
  • Air Mapster
  • Zippy MacPhee 42
BIKE GOD Theatre
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TsaiBorg comes racing up the hill, completely unafraid of the Clare Writch which has kept so many honest mountain bikers away from these beautiful trails. The BIKE GODS are on a mission to root out the evil that has plagued this hill for a decade.
Zippy MacPhee guards the rear, making sure all is safe for the frightened human bikers.zup.jpg
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The BIKE GODS round a corner and see it for the first time: the house which contains the unspeakable evil known only as the Clare Writch. It is a truly hideous sight. They press on, determined to rid the land of this scourge, once and for all!
Air Mapster takes a shot of the nice scenery near the evil house. Imagine our surprise when we discover that during the split second that the shutter was open, the ghosts of the Writch's first three victims appear in a desperate plea for help. The BIKE GODS are shaken but even more determined in the mission.dead.jpg
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Now inside the house of atrocities, the BIKE GODS notice something very eerie: it is nearly 10 years to the day from the time of the Writch's first killing. The newspaper strewn about the floor is dated May 11, 1991. Legend tells that the Writch made her first kill on a Monday; the BIKE GODS deduce that today is, in fact, 10 years to the day from that Black Monday, on May 6, 1991. This weekend paper was likely delivered by the same unwitting paperboy who was last seen leaving on his morning route that fateful Saturday after Black Monday.
The Writch has clearly gone into hiding - some evil creature must surely have tipped her off! The BIKE GODS return to the outer shack and prepare to leave the house empty handed.shack.jpg
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It takes a keen eye to spot anything in these overgrown hills, but after surveying the view, the BIKE GODS think they see one Clare Writch scambling down in fear. It's a race to catch her!
Zippy, being the fastest downhiller, takes on the challenge of finding and killing the Writch. Her immense evil is no match for his BIKE GOD strength, skill and speed! By the time TsaiBorg and Mapster catch up, nothing is left of the miserable Writch, and Zippy's only scar is the reinjury of MadCow's chainring. The mission is a success!bendy.jpg
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