• TsaiBorg
  • Valkyrie1 & 2
  • Air Mapster
  • Byondo
  • Zippy MacPhee 34
HIKE GOD Theatre
Nothing to see here, move along...
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Upon seeing that Bike Danger is relatively low today, the BIKE GODS decide to turn into HIKE GODS and take this trail by foot. No sense in wasting a perfectly good ride on a safe trail!
Little Valkyrie2 (the BIKE BABY) is looking awfully cute today. This was to be her first ride, but as you can see above, the trail just wasn't dangerous enough, so the training session was postponed for better conditions.val1.jpg
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TsaiBorg feels that he isn't getting enough of a workout from the hike, so he begs BIKE MOM to let him carry the little one. She finally gives in, knowing that otherwise, he would be whining the entire hike.
The group continues moving up, heads hung low, silently pondering the crushing disappointment of a trail that was too safe to ride.lightning.jpg
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Mmmmmm, Chewy!
Feeling like he isn't getting the workout he was hoping for, Zippy MacPhee drops and gives us 500 pushups as the other BIKE GODS cheer him on in this rare moment of glee in an otherwise dreary afternoon.pushups.jpg
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Here, the group nears the top. Satisfying in a way, but it's an empty satisfaction, knowing the easy downhill is coming next (and Zippy won't even get to Zip down it!).
Byondo and Zippy happily tackle this unexpected challenge with vigor. Their enthusiasm is surpassed only by Air Mapster's giddy rush to the top in order to capture the moment forever.climbing.jpg
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This is certainly a first in photographic history: Air Mapster, utilizing his amazing photography skills, actually manages to capture on film the BIKE GOD energy fields emanating from Byondo and Zippy. Byondo's feet glow white hot as he steamrolls up the mountain, while Zippy's zipper is charged by his ghostly aura of energy. This rare sight is normally invisible to mortals, and it took BIKE GOD skill to capture with a mortal camera!
TsaiBorg and The Valkyries make their way around the bend to meet up with the rest of the group.saferoute.jpg
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Most humans do not understand BIKE GODS. They post their ignorant signs advising bicyclists to "watch downhill speed" and whatnot, assuming the BIKE GODS are just a bunch of punks out to make things dangerous for mortal riders. While we do ride extremely fast, we are in fact much safer at those speeds due to our extreme biking skills. Claremont is one place that "gets it." This sign, in honor of the BIKE GODS, says it all.


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